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Published/Updated Date Feb 18, 2022
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Many hosts have experienced inflated rates due to faulty online reservations. Hence, they should be careful about the price they set on their website. Instead of using the default prices, it is best to check the rates of the hotels on Booking’s Extranet. The host should also opt for customized promotions to cater to their business requirements. The following are a few tips to increase revenue with Booking: a) Use the extranet to check out the various promotional offers, and b) Consider the seasonal nature of your business when selecting the promotions.

A booking-com-hosted website is easy to customize if you know what to do. To customize the look and feel of your website, you can use a widget that matches your brand. After you upload the content and make the design, all you have to do is copy and paste the code to your site. Then, the widget will automatically sync with Booking’s Extranet and provide up-to-date rates and availability. After the website goes live, you can measure your progress with its activity dashboard. The pricing on the booking-com-hosted website is commission-free, but you’ll need to pay EUR10 per month for access.

Agoda has a good range of options, with prices for every continent. For instance, it is easy to find cheap hotel rooms in Asia. Agoda also has convenient amenities such as free WiFi. It’s important to note that the search engine on Booking-com is very complex, so you’ll need to search for the city and region in which you’ll stay. Another great way to find inexpensive hotel deals is HotelsCombined. With the help of its metasearch engine, this site can provide you with some great offers.


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