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Published/Updated Date 2022.02.07
Downloads 10 000 000+
Version 6.10
Requires Android Android 7.0+
Size 57.7
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There are several reasons to invest on Investing-com. First, the website is free to use. You can track your trades and investments on your mobile device. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your investments. Its user-friendly interface allows even the novice to get started. Next, investing-com also helps you find stock picks and investment ideas that match your personal preferences. With a wealth of information, it will make investing a fun and exciting experience.

Another feature is the ability to set notifications. You can get notifications of specific prices, price changes by %, and volume. Notifications are pushed to your phone on a regular basis and sync with the website. This site also offers news and analysis about the world economy, technology, and politics. The heat map also shows how far away a stock is from an average value. Aside from that, it also offers a variety of financial tools for analysis.

CommodityPrices.com is an online community of investors and traders who monitor commodity prices. Other major stocks that are covered on Investing-com include Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Bank of America Corporation, Google, Microsoft Corporation, Nike (NKE), and Netflix. All of these companies are leading the market and are good investments. There’s a lot more to learn on this site and the community is growing.


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